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  Online dating


Over the past few years online dating has really taken off all over the world, whereas before it was seen as being quite antisocial and not very romantic. Now though, the love of your life might just be one click away! If you’re footloose and fancy free then you no longer need to be stuck at home waiting to bump into Mr or Miss Right! To be honest though, I think it’s a bit hard to fall for someone just by looking at their photo. You need to meet in person to see if you both click. Very often there’s just no chemistry between you.

It’s amazing how many different types of dating sites and mobile apps there are. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, there is a site for whatever turns you on! Some are for long-term relationships and some are just for casual hook-ups. I suppose it’s also a good way to chat someone up if you normally get a bit tongue-tied when you’re face-to-face.

Some people have a particular type and that’s what they normally go for. I don’t think I have a type so I try to keep an open mind. One of the problems of dating sites and apps is that you become a bit too quick to judge, swiping away someone’s profile after just a quick glance at their photo.

I hear that more and more couples are brought together by dating sites now so it’s clearly the way forward. Maybe one day we’ll get to a point where all couples will have been introduced through a dating site, so it will no longer be unusual. Hopefully we won’t stop talking to each other in the street though. I like doing things the old-fashioned way sometimes!


take off– become popular, successful
antisocial– not social
the love of your life– the most important person in your life
one click away– you only need to click the mouse once to meet this person
footloose and fancy free– single, not in a relationship, free to do what you want
stuck at home– unable to leave your house, feeling trapped in your house
bump into someone– meet someone by chance/accident
Mr/Miss Right– the perfect person for you
fall for someone– fall deeply in love with someone
see if you both click– see if you both like each other
there’s no chemistry– you are not sexually attracted to each other
what you’re into– what you are interested in
a casual hook-up– meeting someone without wanting a relationship, often for sex but nothing more
chat someone up– start talking to someone because you are sexually attracted to them
get tongue-tied– have trouble speaking to someone because you feel nervous
have a particular type– an idea or image of the perfect person for you
go for– choose
be too quick to judge– make a decision too fast, which means you may make a mistake
swipe away– move something away from you with your finger, i.e. on a touchscreen
a quick glance– a quick look at someone or something