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  The travel bug


I love travelling so I love to get away from it all. I love the feeling of going to a new place, experiencing something new. I love that feeling of waking up really early in the morning and setting off on a big journey. It’s exciting. I even like all the organising. Buying the tickets and looking for hotels, booking them online. Although having said that I tend not to book the hotel before I go, I might book the first night but when I get somewhere, when I get to my destination I like to look for the hotel when I get there. It feels a bit more exciting rather than just booking before I travel. I don’t feel too nervous about that, unless it’s a really busy holiday time, if it’s peak season it’s not a good idea to go without booking the holiday first. But normally, I just buy a flight, go, look for a hotel when I get there and then stay in a hotel that…the first place that takes my fancy.

I even like the things that most people don’t like about travelling. This might be a bit strange but I like going to see the nurse to get my jabs if I go somewhere very exotic I might need to have injections to protect me against certain diseases. I know a lot of people don’t really like needles but I don’t really mind needles so much. Having the jabs is all part of the experience. It’s part of preparing for the holiday so I quite enjoy that as well.

One downside of long-haul flights is you tend to get jet lag. I tend to get jet lag quite badly after a long-haul flight but that’s what happens if you travel across time zones and I guess you just have to put up with that. But when I get to my destination I’m so excited I don’t really feel the tiredness so the way I deal with it is…the first thing I do…I find my hotel, I dump my bags and I go straight out because I want to go out and soak up the atmosphere. I want to find out what’s happening, what’s going on. So the tiredness only really hits me maybe three days later. Then I need to put the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door and sleep for a day and a half just to try to catch up on my sleep.

I’m not really a last-minute traveller. I tend to plan my trips well in advance now. I used to like dropping everything and running off at the drop of a hat. I don’t do that so much anymore. I’m not really a last-minute traveller anymore. So I tend to plan big trips well in advance. But still with some of the arrangements, the packing and buying travel insurance, even getting my jabs…sometimes I am guilty of leaving it to the last minute, so I end up doing all these things in a mad rush.


get away from it all– go on holiday to leave your normal life behind, do something completely different
set off– start a long journey
peak season– the busiest, most popular and most expensive holiday period
takes my fancy– appeals to me
get my jabs– have injections to protect me against diseases
long-haul flights – long distance flights
get jet lag– a feeling of tiredness after travelling across different time zones
put up with– try to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation
deal with– manage, cope with a difficult situation
dump– put something down, leave something heavy
go straight out– leave without stopping or waiting
soak up the atmosphere– experience the sights and sounds of an interesting place
find out– discover
going on– happening
the tiredness hits me– I feel very tired very suddenly and I need to sleep very soon
catch up on my sleep– try to sleep a lot now because I didn’t sleep much before
last-minute traveller– someone who decides to travel with very little planning
drop everything– leave all your responsibilities behind very quickly
run off– escape, leave very quickly
at the drop of a hat– do something without planning first, without thinking
end up– finally be in a certain place or situation
in a mad rush– in a state of panic, not calm, relaxed or organised